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If you’re passionate about animals, and the people who care for those animals, there’s a good chance you’ll like our company's philosophy.

We’re committed to Care that Comes Full Circle. We know animals count on us for their health and well-being, but we count on them too, to produce, to provide, to perform, and maybe most of all, for a little peace of mind.

Use the tabs below to watch videos from one of our feed store dealers, Powell Milling, and our on-farm dealers, High Hill Supplements and K Triangle Feed.

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At BioZyme, we’re constantly adapting the latest technology to formulate the industry’s most innovative products, prove them with research, and release them to the market, and while technology will continue to lead the way, we know, at the end of the day, boots on the ground service will never be replaced when it comes to helping agricultural producers.

That’s why we’re committed to growing our dedicated sales and service staff while many other nutrition companies are shrinking the services they provide to their dealers.

If you’re interested in becoming a dealer to bring the most innovative natural products in animal nutrition to your community, click “Get Started” to answer a series of questions we believe are essential to our dealers’ success.



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Fill out the form below to get started in our dealer application process. If you need help or you're not comfortable filling out the form, please call one of our Outreach Support Coordinators, Heather Brant (816) 344-5769 or Traci Turner (816) 281-5182.

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